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Tommy's easy route to success

Like many other primary schools we have focused on raising standards in writing over the past three years. Results have improved but not spectacularly despite implementing all the best advice - until this year.

Out of exactly 50 pupils in Year 6 who were assessed, 70 per cent gained level 4 or above in writing, far higher than usual and with a weaker cohort; why?

On the staff we now have a key stage 2 test English marker who saw red with the original results that we received before the holidays. So we re-submitted the papers of 16 pupils and, hey presto, 10 of them had their writing levels increased.

We now had eight children at level 5, not three and, in the case of four children, this resulted in a higher overall grade in English. Such changes bring into doubt the credibility of marking but at least they reveal the easiest way to raise levels: simply challenge the marking and re-submit borderline papers; just like that!

Bob Forster

Headteacher, St David's school

East Street

Moreton in Marsh Gloucestershire

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