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Too late to start shifting goalposts;Letter;News amp; Opinion

I READ Estelle Morris's letter (TES, November 5) with interest.

My daughter is in her final year of a teaching course, and wants to teach early-years students. She finds maths difficult but has coped well with the professional studies relating to teaching the subject.

Elizabeth is extremely hard-working and did well in her GCSE exams with the exception of maths which she needed to take three times before achieving a C grade.

Teaching practice feedback has been extremely positive.

Hardworking, committed and talented - it seems to me that is what you should be looking for in newly qualified teachers! At present my daughter is extremely apprehensive about her ability to pass the numeracy tests. She is paying for extra tuition from her meagre income but still feels that she will not reach the required standard however many times she takes the test.

I agree with government initiatives to raise standards and I am in favour of the tests.

What I find unacceptable is the late notice for students in their final year which appears already to be very full and busy with extended teaching practice, a dissertation and professional and subject final examinations. It seems to me to be unfair to change the goal posts at this late stage in her course.

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