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Too many frogs for the ambassador

Christ Church Bentinck primary school in Marylebone, central London, ran up the Tricolor last week as it found itself at the centre of centenary celebrations of the Entente Cordiale.

None other than the French ambassador to London, His Excellency Gerard Errera, visited the school to learn about a pupil-mentoring scheme in which London-based employees of the French Bank BNP Paribas help pupils with their reading.

All was going smoothly when a group of children and bank employees was assembled to demonstrate how they worked together. A teacher produced a box of books and pulled out a copy to show the kind of reading matter they were using.

As chance would have it, the book's title was The Two Frogs. His Excellency Errera responded, amid general laughter: "Hmm, maybe one frog is enough."

Headteacher Sarah Bourn assures us the icebreaker was completely unscripted.

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