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Care for animals and raise awareness of RSPCA Week with this selection of lesson plans, games and activities.

RSPCA interactive games

Follow the journey of RSPCA inspectors as they go about their work.

Who looks after animals?

Scheme of work that teaches students about the responsibilities we have towards animals.

Basic needs

A scheme of work where students consider the basic needs of animals and humans.

Protect your cat pack: primary

Show children how to take proper care of their cat with this activity pack.

The life of an RSPCA inspector A great advert for the work done by the RSPCA as Inspector Tyson takes us on an interactive story.

Looking after pets

Put children's pet-keeping skills to the test.

Dooby the dog

A new hound in the house can be fun, but what does Dooby need to feel loved and healthy?

Animal care

Information and questionnaires on keeping small animals as pets.


A range of resources looking at their life cycles and habitats.

Pet photo pack

Photographs of animals to display around your classroom.

Find these resources and more at bit.lyRSPCAWeek2013.

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