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Resources to teach pupils about dialogue between religions.

Shared morals

An assembly urging pupils to treat others the way they themselves wish to be treated.

Save the sacred

A role play in which aliens have threatened to wipe out all faiths. Which one will pupils save?

Circle of life

Learn how different faiths mark rites of passage.


Explore the positives and negatives of a diverse society.

Faith in Britain

Introduce religions practised in Britain with this presentation.

Questions on abortion

What do major faiths preach about abortion? Find out in this edforchoice booklet.

Faith at the doctor's

Introduce Christian and Muslim beliefs about medical issues.

Different but equal

A PowerPoint showing how people of different faiths have fought prejudice.

Interfaith debate

A Christian, an atheist and a Muslim discuss moral issues in this video shared by CLEO.

Young voices

Young people talk about faith in videos created for a Tony Blair Faith Foundation contest.

For these and more interfaith resources, check out the TES collection at bit.lytesInterfaith.

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