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World Aids Day (1 December)

Raise awareness of HIV and Aids using these resources.

Aids on screen

FILMCLUB UK's screening list and activities will spark discussion among pupils.

World Aids Day assembly

Dispel myths and explain the truth about Aids in a TrueTube assembly.

Developing countries

ActionAidSchoolsTeam's resources highlight problems in impoverished regions.

International projects

Follow UK students on an HIV and Aids peer-education project in Sierra Leone.

Human rights

Reject the stigma attached to Aids in a lesson exploring sufferers' human rights.

Think positively

View sufferers of Aids and HIV differently with the help of a reflective resource pack.

Young people and HIV

Youthhealthtalk speaks to a group of young people who are HIV positive.

A cry in the darkness

How can we prevent the spread of the HIV virus? A presentation explores this question.

Understand HIV and Aids

Educate students using this fact sheet.

Infection: a chemical role play

Use classroom chemicals to mimic how sexually transmitted infections such as HIV spread.

For these and more resources, try the TES World Aids Day collection. bit.lytesAids.

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