Top 10 Storytelling Lessons

1. Easy e-books
Children use this resource to design an online, zoo-themed storybook with pictures and text. This easy-to-use tool is fun for all ages.

2. Look for ladybirds
A sequencing activity that reinforces children's understanding of The Bad- Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle and helps them to practise their numeracy skills. This practical activity can be adapted for individual, pair or group work.

3. Everyone's a critic
Help children to evaluate their favourite story with this template for structuring a book review. Students use drawing and writing to describe the book, its characters and their opinions.

4. Moving pictures
Give your students the tools to animate their own drawings with this template for creating a flip book.

5. Fact finding
Let students choose their own non-fiction topic to research and summarise. This resource contains a helpful template for presenting their ideas.

6. Pop art
Using this guide to making a pop-up book, students write and illustrate a story about an adventure in a country of their own invention.

7. Morpurgo moment
Author Michael Morpurgo explains how to write about myths and legends in this video from BBC Class Clips - English.

8. Space and time
Give your class the chance to write their own non-fiction book on space. This illustrated template contains gaps in which students can fill in key information.

9. Get on board
Save yourself the bother of drawing up your own storyboard template and download this one instead, leaving you more time to fill it with ideas.

10. Plan a best-seller
This useful template helps students to structure their stories before they begin to write their masterpieces.

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