The top 10 Tes Podagogy podcasts of season one – reading, growth mindset, behaviour, play-based learning and more

The Tes podcast all about teaching and learning started in September and has welcomed some of the world’s leading education researchers as guests

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When we launched the Tes Podagogy series back in September, our aim was simple: get the world’s leading thinkers about education to talk directly to teachers. Thankfully, our requests for interviews were accepted readily and we have now produced 14 episodes featuring topics as diverse as how memory works, dyslexia, how we learn to read and the intricacies of grammar.

To mark the end of ‘season one’, we have decided to list the current top 10 most listened to Podagogy podcasts. At number one is...

1. Professor Carol Dweck defends growth mindset and sets the record straight on her research

Professor Dweck was interviewed just as the kick-back against her research was gathering pace, with some failed replication studies gaining attention. Addressing the critics directly, she defended her research and detailed where schools have gone wrong with growth mindset and what she is going to do next. 

2. Professor Dylan Wiliam discusses the role of education research in the classroom

Professor Wiliam featured on episode two and holds the record for the most number of downloads in the first 24 hours, though Dweck currently leads on total listens. Wiliam talks here about what power research should have in determining how teachers teach, and he also details why Cognitive Load Theory should be known about by every teacher. 

3. Professor Uta Frith on what every teacher needs to know about autism

Professor Frith is one of the world's leading autism researchers and commands a huge amount of respect within both the science and education communities. This episode got a huge social media reaction, with teachers praising her clear and useful advice

4. Professors Robert and Elizabeth Bjork on what every teacher should know about memory

The married couple have been leading research into learning and memory for decades and here they detail not just what they have discovered, but what they intend to look at next. This was an episode full of surprises, with it becoming clear their work has often been misinterpreted. 

5. Daisy Christodoulou on what makes for effective assessment in schools

The education author and former head of assessment at the academy chain Ark was our first guest on Tes Podagogy and her insights into assessment have been clocking up the listens since. 

6. Professor Maggie Snowling on what every teacher needs to know about dyslexia

Professor Snowling is one of the world's leading researchers into dyslexia and her practical and clear advice in this episode generated huge interest on social media. Despite only been released in the past month, the fact this already makes the top 10 suggests it will be challenging for the top spot soon enough. 

7. Professor Daniel Willingham on how we learn to read

Perhaps the most quoted man in education, it was really interesting to hear from Willingham himself on a range of issues, including phonics. Like the Bjorks, it was clear his views have often been taken out of context and here he gives a really good explanation of how we learn to read and how that might be taken into consideration in teaching. 

8. Doug Lemov on how to establish routines for learning and behaviour

The education author is one of the leading figures in the move towards more routine-led learning and behaviour approaches that are now increasingly common in UK schools. Spurred on by his books, including Teach Like A Champion. teachers are adopting Lemov's teachings and reporting a significant positive impact. Not everyone is a fan, though. Here, Lemov details some of his ideas and addresses the critics. 


9. Professor Linda Graham on what does effective behaviour management looks like

The Australian academic has been a vocal presence in the behaviour debate and her advocated approaches have gained significant buy-in from many UK teachers. Ruminating on everything from zero tolerance behaviour regimes to the role of the teacher in engaging students, this podcast was a lively talking point on social media. 

10. Dr Sara Baker on what every teacher (secondary included) needs to know about play 

A fantastic articulation of the complexities and misunderstandings of play-based learning, this episode has seen an uptick in downloads in the past few weeks following Ofsted's Bold Beginnings report. Baker is from Cambridge Univesity's PEDAL centre and she details why play is almost certainly not what you think it is. 

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