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Scottish schools continue to lead the way in educational blogging. Growing realisation of the creative, collaborative value of weblogs is reflected in data posted at scotedublogs - which in recent years shows exponential growth in pupil and teacher participation.

With links to school blogs around Scotland, scotedublogs also carries guidance on getting an audience, persuading local authorities to come on board, and twinning schools for better blogging.

East Lothian, the home of Ewan McIntosh, is particularly active. "The impact on the kids, who suddenly realise they have an audience for their work way beyond teachers, mums and dads, is enormous," says the modern languages teacher, currently seconded as new technology guru to Learning and Teaching Scotland.

Mr McIntosh says other countries are trying hard to catch up. A small pointer can be found in the scotedublogs list of links to actively blogging Scottish local authorities. Right at the end is the following entry:

"Shropshire (honestly it is in Scotland)."


* http:edu.blogs.comedublogs200606modern_language.html

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