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One of the biggest problems in buying a computer is that the technology moves so quickly. No sooner have you purchased a cutting-edge computer, than you discover that a faster, smarter and more versatile model has been launched - often at the same price that you paid. This is the nature of ICT and the best thing schools can do is to be aware of what's on the horizon and to buy a computer that can be upgraded with features like extra memory.

Over the next year, many more DVD-Rom titles will be launched. DVD-Rom is a "Super CD" format that stores far more data tha CD-Roms. DVD-Rom drives can also play CD-Rom titles, and are worth considering.

Most modern computers now offer a type of connection known as Universal Serial Bus (USB), which makes it easier to install peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, printer and scanner. Some computers also offer a high-speed digital link known as FirewireIEEE 1394i-Link, which can be used to transfer large data files, like moving video, quickly. Wireless technology is also likely to become more common, in particular a system known as Bluetooth.

BETT 2000 stand numbers

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