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Top marks for support

Pupils at Broadoak High School in Manchester sprang to defend a teacher whose embarrassing automotive blunder was picked up by the Manchester Evening News recently.

The English supply teacher was reported to have pressed the wrong pedal as she pulled into a parking bay and instead of drawing to a halt, the car moved forwards, leaving a car-shaped hole in the school's canteen wall. Headteacher Andy Griffin reportedly said: "She put her foot down on the accelerator rather than the brake. It was a temporary slip up. Fortunately she is OK and no one was hurt."

Despite the major structural damage she unleashed, her pupils took umbrage at comments some of the people who read the story made. A post on behalf of a group of pupils reads: "We are just trying to defend our school and teacher. She had a cast on her foot, she has an automatic car so her break is next to her accelerator, she slipped. OK?"

Who said children don't appreciate their teachers?

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