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Top place for the season

Those of you who don't yet subscribe to the excellent email newsletter from the Teachers Online Project run by Becta (the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) are missing out on valuable information. It's not too late to check out below a few seasonal offerings from the issue on web sources for Christmas and other festivals. But it's best to add your name to the 15,500 other teacher subscribers by visiting the TOP web space where you can access archived newsletters with plenty of useful weblinks:

The How Stuff Works people have "How Christmas Works - the complete guide to Christmas traditions" at:


The BBC provides insights into Sikhism at:

If you want to know everything about Jewish holidays and traditions try: www.everythingjewish.comdefault.htm

Children can find out about the main Muslim festivals along with an introduction to Islam at:

Finally, you can discover the principles of Buddhism at the Access to Insight site:

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