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Top trials for heads' qualification

We are surprised that RM Thomas (TES, Letters, June 27) is able to make assumptions regarding the quality, expertise and capabilities of the trainers for the National Professional Qualification for Headship. As trial candidates, we can assure everyone that, in the West Midlands region at least, the training has been of the highest quality.

It draws on the best management practice from both industry and education. Education has for too long been insular in its approach to training. Let us take this opportunity to involve our best trainers from business, schools, local authority and other providers.

There are many successful and innovative headteachers within the profession whose contribution to training would be invaluable. We must therefore emphasise high quality and the best current practice, and not be tempted to use those who have left the profession due to the pressures of headship. We understand that the Teacher Training Agency's selection criteria for tutors is designed to be rigorous and demanding in order to ensure that the providers are of the high calibre we have experienced.

Workload is inevitably high (as in any worthwhile qualification), but the level of discussion in which the candidates are involved and the quality of presentations they produce as a result of this training, brings in itself the motivation to overcome this.

GR LAWRENCE Deputy head Hillside primary school Mrs J LAWRENCE Deputy head Broom nursery school NPQH trial candidates West Midlands

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