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Tory boy wins poll and takes headship

A Hague-supporting teenager, who bucked the national trend to win his school's mock election for the Tories, has been rewarded by exchanging roles with his headteacher for a day.

Marc Shuter, who is 13 today, took the helm of North Walsham high school, Norfolk, this week. Clearly a strict disciplinarian, his election manifesto included a pledge to ban mobile phones.

A self-confessed fan of William Hague, Marc hopes one day to meet his hero and admits tobeing a little "down and disappointed" with his party's general election performance. Marc said: "I don't think I'd make a very good headteacher for more than a day but I am pleased I won."

Headteacher John Catton's main concern about the role reversal was taking part in PE:"The combination of knobbly knees and shorts is a worry," he said.

Mr Catton added that the mock election had proved an excellent lesson in citizenship for the pupils.

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