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Totally on the ball

Rhona McNaughton, PT geography, became PT social subjects last week - the first time she has gone for a job with no salary attached. Job sizing will come later.

That surely says something about the optimism among the new middle managers, despite an acknowledged scepticism and uncertainty in the staffroom, she says.

The initial six posts were ring-fenced for East Lothian staff and they all went to existing Ross High teachers - five PTs and one assistant PT. A qualification in one of the subjects was mandatory. Ms McNaughton accepts that there may be some initial difficulties in giving leadership to other subjects.

Derek McCallum, PT support and existing full-time guidance teacher, describes their task in football parlance. "I compare our roles to the Dutch football team of 1974. What they did was total football, so that they interchanged skills and became aware of what everyone else was doing, linking together to become a better team."

Mr McCallum believes more teachers are going to have to do more for the good of their pupils. "Every member of staff is going to have to take on whole-school responsibilities or a pastoral role. The big problem will be for existing older staff," he admits.

Rhona Shuttleworth, PT work and enterprise, says: "We are not going to tell people how to teach their curriculum. They are professional and experts in that. It's about how they are doing it, getting them to reflect more and to make it a better experience for young people."

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