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Train to trust technology

YOUR report on Homo Zapiens (Online magazine, June 13) raises important points but misses a few along the way.

As Arnold Evans suggests, technology can change how we teach but it should also change what we teach. Look at maths; the leap in technology is huge and the tools available are numerous and sophisticated, yet even the most basic graphic calculators are rarely used in classrooms.

Technology is a leveller. Just as computer-aided design packages enable students to draw quality technical drawings, computer algebra systems enable students to formulate problems and interpret their solutions.

Mr Evans should follow up with a "what we teach" article and anticipate the day when technology is so embedded in teacher-training and the classroom that it becomes the norm. I look forward to a government that changes the hole rather than trying to squeeze the wrong-shaped technology peg into it!

Derek Simpson Head of maths Dunbar grammar school Summerfield Road Dunbar East Lothian

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