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Trainees should face tests at start, not end

My daughter is just completing her postgraduate certificate in primary education after obtaining a 2.1 degree in English. Her reports from teaching practices have been outstanding and, as a teacher myself, I feel I can objectively assess how good she could be. But she looks quite likely to fail the numeracy test for trainees.

She struggled to get a grade C in maths at GCSE but, realising how important it would be for her chosen career, she battled on. She has taken the numeracy test once and having failed cannot face trying again until after she has finished her practice.

She looks drawn, ill, depressed with the worry of it al - the prospect of failure at the final pointless hurdle. I am very angry that she is suffering so intensely for no good reason.

If the Government really believes that these tests are desirable and necessary why was she not tested before she began the course? These tests for trainee teachers should be an entry requirement not an exit barrier.

And what happens if she accepts a job offer for September? The round of applications and interviews has just begun.

I know she is not alone but I am in such a state of despair on her behalf I would be grateful for any advice from any quarter.

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