Adults in Wales are twice as likely to have had no education or training in the past three years as those in south-east England.

Figures provided by junior minister John Healey show wide variations in the number of over-25s who are classified as non-learners.

Welsh adults are the least likely learners (47 per cent have not had training during the past three years).

Mr Healey admitted that lack of learning opportunities and transport problems were major barriers for up to a quarter of non-learners.

But he said: "It is important to note that most of these non-learners have chosen not to do any learning or are restricted by familywork circumstances. They are not usually non-learners as a result of access problems."

He was responding to a question by Labour MP Chris Ruane.

Government office regionPercentage of population aged 26 and over who are non-learners.

Compiled by Jon Slater from Hansard PQs at

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