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Training agency cash rules unclear;Letter

The British Educational Management and Administration Society is concerned about the likely detrimental impact of the Teacher Training Agency's allocation of in-service training funds.

We find it difficult to understand a process which results in the removal of funding from many universities and colleges on the basis of criteria that are far from clear but do not seem to have taken account of:

* the quality of existing provision; * the needs and expectations of schools and local authorities; * the geographical distribution of provision; and * the need to ensure a continuing healthy relationship between initial and in-service education.

As there is an urgent need to increase the range and accessibility of high-quality support for teachers and schools, it is disappointing to find the agency appearing to reduce the capacity of the school support system without, apparently, a strategy which has been communicated and sold to the system which it serves.

Tim Simkins. Chair, BEMAS. Sheffield Hallam University

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