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Training wage is only fair

ALTHOUGH I acknowledge the grievances of BEd and current PGCE students the introduction of salaries has given me a long-awaited lifeline to pursue a teaching career.

I gained a place on a primary PGCE in September 1998 but soon found as a mature student, with responsibilities, the financial implications of continuing with the course were too great.

I had to leave after one term but being thoroughly dedicated to becoming a tacher I explored every avenue and had just about given up hope when this announcement was made.

While I am undoubtedly pleased that there is at least light at the end of the tunnel for me, it has always been my view that trainee teachers, whether BEd or PGCE, should be regarded in the same way as nurses, the police and probation officers, and be paid a wage while training.

Carolyne Louis

Newtown, Birmingham

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