MOVING ON UP. Board Game. Speechmark Publishing Ltd. pound;44.95

You and your friends keep on arriving at school late and getting into trouble. What can you do?

This is one of the many questions posed in this entertaining board game subtitled, Surviving School Transition for 10 to 12 year olds. This will be ideal for PSHE in those lazy post-Sats weeks of summer, when the children are realising that Big School beckons. It's well produced, bright and glossy with a fold-out board, four sets of question cards, an egg timer and nifty pieces representing three boys and three girls.

In time-honoured fashion, you play it by rolling the die and moving your piece round the board. Land on a character space to get a question card and start the timer. If a suitable answer is given in 60 seconds you earn a counter. If you can't answer it you can nominate a friend. Suggested answers are provided. The scenarios are realistic and cover a wide range from the mildly worrying not being able to find your way round the campus, to the "an older pupil takes money from you and tells you that if you report it they 'Will kick your head in!' What can you do?"

I played it with potentially vulnerable Year 6 children who really enjoyed it. They liked the way it provides good suggestions and encourages seeking help from friends, teachers or other adults.

Kevin Harcombe

Headteacher, Redlands primary school, Hampshire

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