Transition key issue of exhibition

Schools have been attempting to find an effective solution to the problems surrounding pupil transfer from primary to secondary school for 60 years, but still have not succeeded, primary teachers will hear this week.

James Williams, lecturer at Sussex university, is to deliver a speech on transition at this year's early years and primary teaching exhibition, which is being held today and tomorrow in London.

The exhibition will also hear from Pauline Jones, of the Children's Workforce Development Council, who will speak about the government's new early years professional qualification.

More than 140 exhibitors will attend the event, which is sponsored by The TES.

And a series of parallel sessions will offer advice on improving classroom practice.

Paul Dix, of Pivotal Education consultants, will speak on how to use praise effectively in primaries.

He said: "Teachers need to develop their own way of praising, that suits their style of teaching."

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