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True confessions

I don't want to become the kind of teacher who... sees pupils as the enemy and ends up battling against them rather than working with them.

It made my day when... a pupil said they hadn't enjoyed the subject until I taught them. This made me feel like all my hard work was worth while.

Senior managers don't know it but... most of the staff are not aware of exactly what they are responsible for.

I couldn't keep a straight face when... during a training session a member of senior staff was emphasising the importance of literacy skills and had spelt every word on his PowerPoint presentation with a capital letter.

I'm not looking forward to... yet another change in the process of writing end of year reports, especially as I teach half the school!

I would never live it down if... a video was shown of my first big mistake as a GTP student taking part in the end of term assembly staff version of The Full Monty.

I would really like to... tell the head that communication is a key factor to good leadership and that staff morale needs to be addressed regularly.

I honestly believe that... teaching the pupils effectively should be the first priority of every teacher and school, rather than endless paperwork.

At the beginning of the week I look forward to... the feeling of satisfaction I get at the end of each day.

My friends believe... I'm a martyr for teaching in a secondary school! They don't understand how I can face spotty teenagers everyday and remain sane.

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