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Popping fun

Dance with bubbles, flick and burst them, watch them bouncing off your shadow and listen to sound effects as you stand in a light beam. The Bubbles installation at Watermans Gallery in Brentford, west London, promises to engage people of all ages. November 21 - January 12. Information: 020 8232 1010.

Dramatic dimensions

Whether or not you are preparing a production for the week-long National Student Drama Festival in Scarborough in April 2003, you and your students can find out about the workshop programme and the special subscription ticket. For an information pack: 01723 501106. Also see

True stories

Write your own short stories of life, love and friendship (and encourage students over 16 to do the same) inspired by the Babyfather series on BBC2. See for interviews with the cast and writers of the series. The best stories will be broadcast on local radio. Free one-off workshops will be held in London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bradford, Bristol and Manchester between November 6 and 14. To reserve a place: 020 8752 4304;

Pompadour porcelain

Visit a porcelain factory near Stoke-on-Trent on November 14 to see the stages of manufacture Madame de Pompadour would have known at S vres. It is one of the events organised by the Wallace Collection in London to support The Art of Love, an exhibition of art owned by Louis XV's famous mistress. To book: 020 7563 9551. For information about other events, 020 7563 9500; For the related exhibition and events at the National Gallery, Madame de Pompadour: images of a mistress, 020 7747 2885.

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