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You still have time to register for the Artworks: Young Artists of the Year awards. Persuade young people up to the age of 18 to show their skill in working with artists, galleries or resources to win cash prizes for art in their school and to have work displayed at Tate Modern and in a virtual gallery. Closing date is March 14. For information and application forms:

Warm that house!

Join Station House Opera in How to Behave, part of a housewarming party for the new Hampstead Theatre. Filmed and live action, life-size videos and a guided tour revealing hidden and usually forbidden areas introduce audiences to the real and imaginary world of theatre. From February 15 to 21. Tickets: 020 7722 9301;;

Motoring in design

The Audi Young Designer of the Year 2003 was launched at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts in Gateshead this week with a display of furniture manufactured from car parts and a prototype of last year's winning design, a wheelchair enhancement. For information:

Nuclear vision

Remember The War Game? If you're too young to have been around when Peter Watkins's drama-documentary about a nuclear attack on Kent caused consternation when it was shown in cinemas in 1966 and on BBC television in 1985 (having originally been made for TV), you can see it now on video. It may not be a comfortable time to consider the nation's readiness (or lack of it) for such a crisis, but it could be instructive.

The video also includes Watkins's The Diary of an Unknown Soldier and The War Game - the controversy. Information:

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