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Be an architect for a day on June 7, when London buildings take part in A City of a Thousand Architects. Families with children aged six and over can enjoy free events in major galleries and museums from Tate Modern to the Science Museum. During the day, groups will build a miniature megalopolis in each venue, interpreting spaces in music and poetry workshops. Information: 020 7267 7697;

Virtual Tudors

Visit Hackney in London in the time of the Tudors at John and Jane Daniells were involved in court intrigue in 1601 in the reign of Elizabeth I. Hackney archives department, Immediate Theatre and the National Archives have recreated their rectory and the immediate area from documents of the period. You can take a walk online along the street and into the house where the Daniellses' servant will be your guide to explain objects encountered based on original inventories. Six video dramas tell the story of the rise and fall of the Daniells and their involvement with the rebellious Earl of Essex.

Ideas please

The BBC (in partnership with the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) is inviting inventors to send their ideas in by May 31. Innovation Nation requires people to work in teams of two or more and send in a video explaining their invention. In the autumn, cameras will follow three teams in a five-part series, leading to a final in which viewers vote for the winner. Tomorrow's World roadshows will celebrate Innovation Nation in Glasgow, Birmingham and Cardiff in June and July.

Entry details: 08705 100744;

Heather Neill

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