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TTA ignored ethical issue;Letter;News and opinion

THE Teacher Training Agency's response (TES, December 3) to my opinion piece "Ethical primary policy?" is very disturbing, especially in the light of the monitoring and consultation on initial teacher training requirements the agency is proposing.

First it is inaccurate. Nowhere does the article say that each of the 750 odd requirements has to be separately assessed but it does point out that the achievement of all of the standards by each individual trainee has to be backed up by appropriate evidence. The TTA will need to read very closely the responses of those it consults if its proposed consultation is to be credible.

But more importantly the response ignores the main thrust of the article.

It fails to answer the charge that it is impossible for institutions to ensure that all their trainees have met the mandatory requirements.

It fails to confront the major ethical issue of professionals being forced to lie about compliance in order to safeguard their students' and their institution's futures. Both these matters are extremely serious.

That they are ignored by the TTA bodes ill for any possible "consultation". What other major concerns will be brushed aside?

Colin Richards

Professor of education

Chair NaPTEC

1 Bobbin Mill

Spark Bridge


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