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In tune with work

Exposing primary children to a variety of music is excellent practice and I believe it should be done across the curriculum.

I play soothing things varying from Strauss and Debussy to Enya and Mike Oldfield during art or design and technology. I also encourage pupils to bring their own choices: if I'm open to their Britney Spears, they're more likely to listen to my Rolling Stones.

I find music helps control a difficult class, aiding concentration. I have used music when children are writing stories in the run-up to SATS or when they are silently reading.

Upbeat tunes come into use in PE lessons, from SClub to opera and Blues. I've also used recordings of drum and percussion music from around the world and instruments such as bongos and rainsticks. We've tried "whale music" for a topic on water and Holst's The Planets in science.

Children respond with feeling in singing assemblies to songs by Elton John, Aboriginal verses or traditional school songs such as "The Wheels on the Bus".

Robin Warren, music co-ordinator at Hargrave Park Primary School, Islington, London Send in your contributions - up to 300 words - for Teacher to Teacher. We pay pound;50 for the ones we print. Remember to add your job title, school and LEA.Email: primary tips are on page 23

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