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Turn Green for social change

How despairing to read (TES, April 15) your options for voters regarding election policy. The Green party has provided a radical alternative approach for education, but there was not a single reference in your coverage.

For those of us in education who are fed up with the paucity of choice, your failure to present more diverse options is important, given the prominence The TES has in the profession.

For the record, the Green party proposes increased local responsibility for schools via local government and greater flexibility about the content and process of schooling in our communities.

Most importantly, though, Greens believe passionately in the idea of learning as a transformational process that informs social change. This is in marked contrast to the Lab-Con alliance that colludes to support archaic notions of education and prioritises the importance of markets, regards learners as consumers and reduces both teachers and children to automatons.

Greens argue for measures that will promote hope in our schools, autonomy for learners and teachers, and regard education as a way in which young people are introduced to being citizens in our communities.

Giles Barrow. 72 Queen Mary Avenue Morden, Surrey

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