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Turning the good news bad

I WAS appalled by the headline "Heads question literacy gains" above your front-page story (TES, July 14) on reported improvements in primary literacy and numeracy scores.

As an independent in-service training provider, I've spent the past three years watching teachers working incredibly hard to deliver the literacy hour.

I know at first hand how much effort has gone into raising standards, and the immense pressure teachers have been under. If marks have indeed gone up (andI'm not surprised if they have), primary teachers deserve everyone's congratulations, not an immediate put-down based on snide comments from a couple of disaffected heads - one of whom wouldn't even give his name.

Of all newspapers, surely The TES should report the good news about education without turning it straight into knocking copy. Just for once, can't you report a success story about our profession?

Sue Palmer

11 St George's Road

Truro, Cornwall

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