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Turning words into pictures

This project is literacy-based but tied to ICT. It's on adjectives and adverbs and I usually do it with classes in Year 3 or 4.

We begin by reading a text and picking out the interesting adjectives and adverbs. We discuss how these words can create interesting pictures and the pupils come up with their own ideas on what those pictures look like.

I then tie it into a session using Word, which all the children involved have been taught how to use. I type up a list of some of the words and give all the pupils access to it. After a recap on how adjectives and adverbs can create visual pictures, I encourage them to experiment with the colour, font, text size and other facilities to express what the word says, using the word itself. So, for example, "tiny" could be written very small; "gigantic" - very large; "angry" - in a spiky font and dark coloured, and "lovely" could be pink and curly. The objective is to teach them about adjectives and adverbs and their meanings, and to practice the Word text tools. The pupils love it and find it especially interesting when they don't all come up with the same ideas; they can then discuss why this is so. We usually print off the results and put them on display.

Nick Flesher, deputy head of St Stephen's Church of England primary school, Lambeth

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