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Pick of the week Horizon: Mystery of the Jurassic BBC2, Thursday, March 28,9-9.50pm

A vast site in Argentina contains a complete, fossilised ecosystem from the mid-Jurassic age and may help to explain how dinosaurs came to rule the world. "The Holy Grail of dinosaur palaeontology," is how Dr Phil Manning describes this find.

War Against Napoleon Channel 4, Mondays, March 25, 31 and April 1, 9-10pm

Channel 4's excellent, if confusingly scheduled, series on the Napoleonic era continues. A World in Arms, one of two strands, continues with "Navies" (March 25) and "Freedom"(April 1). On March 31, "Wellington's Women" concludes a linked mini-series which has also covered "Nelson's Trafalgar" and "Wellington's Waterloo". Using dramatic re-enactments, expert analysis and contemporary documents, the three remaining films look at key issues in the period from the outbreak of the revolution in 1789 to the Battle of Waterloo.

Sex, Warts 'n' All BBC Choice, Monday, March 25, 11-11.3-pm

A discussion about sexually transmitted diseases, following patients through treatment at clinics from their first consultations. This programme particularly highlights chlamydia, an insidious infection that often presents no symptoms, yet can result in infertility in women. The film could prove useful for PSHE next term.

Best on radio Desert Island Discs Radio 4, Saturday, March 23, 6.15-9pm

Sue Lawley celebrates the simple formula that has already generated 60 years of Desert Island Discs, created by Roy Plomley in 1942 and still going strong. The adagio from Schubert's string quartet in C Major remains a favourite among pieces of music, but the most revealing list is that of the books that castaways are also allowed to take with them.

It amounts to a small library of world literature, headed by Proust, Tolstoy and Gibbon plus a couple of encyclopaedias and poetry anthologies - those books, admired more on the shelf than in the hand, that we've always meant to get round to reading and feel sure that, with nothing but seagulls to distract.

Thinking Allowed: Judith Butler Radio 4, Wednesday, March 27, 4-4.30pm

A heavyweight series of discussions, hosted by Laurie Taylor, who talks to one of the most influential modern theorists of feminism, gender and "queer theory". Judith Butler is professor of rhetoric and comparative literature at the University of California and author of Gender Trouble, now 10 years old, in which she argued that differences between men and women are culturally rather than biologically determined.

Robin Buss

Full educational programme schedules can be found online at g2002.cfm

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