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Robin Buss's pick of the week

Science 1 and 2 BBC2, Wednesday, November 16, 2-6am

Two bitesize revision programmes for science (followed by Science 3 tomorrow at 2-4am), which cover some major topics in easily assimilable form, starting with cells, then moving on to humans and plants and eventually to living things in the environment. Science 2 covers physics and chemistry (acids and alkalis, electricity and magnetism) and Science 3 includes updated material on the same, plus radioactivity.

France Shorts BBC2, Fridays, November 11, 11.05-11.25am, and December 2-16, 11.10-11.20am

These five programmes for primary geography give a taste of the different regions of France. Presenter Josette Aikman starts on the Eurostar to the Gare du Nord, then explores different methods of getting around Paris, taking a look at the city's culture. She finds very different environments on the Atlantic coast and, in Part 3, on the Mediterranean. The final two programmes go to the French Alps.

India BBC2, Tuesdays, November 15 to December 6, 10.50-11.10am

More travel for primary geography, this time visiting India (which, like France, turns out to be a "land of contrasts"). The three areas chosen are: Mumbai (typifying urban India); Rajasthan (desert); and Kerala (tropical).

There is a website ( where Professor Indus guides us through the archeological sites of the Indus Valley.

House of Tiny Tearaways BBC3, Sundays, from November 13, 8-9pm

Dr Tanya Byron returns for a new six-week series tackling unruly infants.

First headaches are a deaf three-year-old who throws a tantrum whenever she doesn't get her own way and a family whose three children refuse to sleep in a bed on their own. Dr Byron's approaches to these problems may have some helpful pointers for teachers of young children.

Charlie and Lola CBeebies, Daily, 6-6.10pm

A delightful animated series for small children, adapted from the books by Lauren Child, and featuring Lola and her elder brother Charlie. It is Charlie who has to find a way of persuading Lola to go to bed on time, in spite of the whales in the bath and the hippopotamus in the bed.

Timewatch: Children of the Doomed Voyage BBC2, Friday, November 18, 9-9.50pm

The SS Benares was torpedoed by a German U-boat in the Atlantic in September 1940 with the loss of 258 lives. Among those it was carrying were 100 children travelling as evacuees to Canada. Only 20 of them survived, and some tell their stories, as do others among the many who were sent overseas for safety during the early days of the war.

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