Twinkle, twinkle little fish

This week I get to escape from the ever-expanding chaos of my classroom (which still hasn't recovered from last week's salt-dough extravaganza) to the relative sanctuary of a two-day training course in London.

Training days are a bit like visits to the cinema. A good one makes you feel inspired and excited. A boring one makes you realise how valuable your time is. My hopes, this time, are small. Perhaps I would be more enthusiastic if it was called something like You, Your Classroom and Your Wardrobe or How to Look Good in Comfortable Shoes. Instead, it's 12 hours of Evaluation: Methodologies and Language (yawn).

At least there are always the lunches. A decent spread is a beacon of hope for delegates up and down the country. Fingers crossed that I shall be well fed and that I shall somehow be inspired. It's always nice to have a change of scenery and to meet different teachers, safe in the knowledge that my darling rugrats are being stimulated by all that cover-work I set them.

I'll just have to ignore the little voice inside my head which whispers things like: "You fool, you forgot to lock the glitter away!" A few days away from the classroom are, unfortunately, only as refreshing as the amount of disarray you have to return to.

No doubt the darlings will be merrily reassuring the supply teacher that I always let them eat crisps during maths, while even the quiet ones will have discovered yelling. I am sure, however, that my vast toolbox of newly acquired methodologies, courtesy of all that training, will help me lick them back into shape. And as for the glitter, I suppose a sparkling classroom floor (not to mention sparkling windows, display boards and fish tank) will remind me of my love of fun

Louisa Leaman is a London teacher

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