Twist-free tale

Pupils should have encountered no real problems with any of the maths papers, says Donald Wilson, a teacher at Larbert High.

Paper 1 of the Credit exam contained only one question that might have posed some difficulties - Q10 on variation. In paper 2, Q9, on ratios - often a problematic area for candidates - and Q11, a "show that" question asking for a particular formula, were the most testing.

Within the General paper, only questions 7 and 9 might have caused problems, but there was "nothing that should have caused any major difficulty", says Mr Wilson.

"Sometimes, in the Credit maths exam, candidates have difficulty with a little twist in the questions, but there was nothing like that this year,"

he says.

The big test, he predicts, will be the Higher maths exam, which has thrown up controversies in the past - notably in 2000.

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