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Two legs bad, four legs good

SO, it cost pound;75,000 for a new desk in the new House of Commons office block.

Still they did say the cost was justified as the desk is in keeping with the quality of the building.

As in many schools the teacher's desk in my classroom is a scuffed second-hand one given away by a local business when they bought in new.

Six months ago two legs broke off the desk due to poor fixings and it promptly collapsed. It was declared beyond repair.

No, it wasn't replaced.

It was propped up for many months by other desks in the classroom as no replacements were available and, like many schools, we certainly could not afford to buy new ones.

It has only ecently been replaced by another second-hand scuffed one at no expense to the taxpayer.

Still, being positive, we are looking forward to a large cheque direct from the Government to spend as we wish.

Something in the region of pound;60,000 I believe.

Sadly, not quite enough to buy a desk similar to the one recently bought for the House of Commons.

Drat! Oh, I'm sorry, I am forgetting the argument that my two legged, collapsing desk was probably in keeping with the quality of many school buildings.

Because of this, despite my moans, I don't suppose I've a leg to stand on.

Kevin Taylor

388A Hatfield Road

St Albans


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