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Uncommon sense

Thank goodness for Stuart Waiton's measured common sense on the matter of children and their upbringing (TESS, April 11). Over recent months his extremely balanced pieces on smacking, police checks and child abuse have been a welcome counter to the growing paranoia about child safety.

Now he does it again pointing out the excesses of the "self-esteem" lobby, a quality which didn't exist when I was a child but which now seems to have been raised to the dizzying heights of ultimate solution.

It would seem that if we simply educate all children to have high self-esteem, we'll live happily every after. We might not be able to staff our hospitals or do anything difficult, but we'll be happy.

What is even more encouraging is that his position as director of a youth research group gives his views credibility - even more than those of a humble parent.

Judith Gillespie

Development manager Scottish Parent Teacher Council

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