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Uncuddly right

You are inaccurate on at least two counts in your headline "Students march against nationalists: the rise of right-wing politics has sparked mass protests in Paris" (TES, February 28).

As the story makes clear, the protest is against the spread of the xenophobic policies of the extreme right. As instanced in the three towns already held by the extreme right National Front, race hatred tactics include offering only pork to Muslims in school canteens and buying up National Front books for school and public libraries, weeded of anything "left wing".

As for the word "nationalist", while that may on the dictionary definitions include "extreme patriotism", its usage in Britain suggests something relatively cuddly, such as the Scots and Welsh Nationals who cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be seen as a carbon copy of the party of Jean-Marie le Pen.

ANNE CORBETT 95 Coleherne Court London SW5

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