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There is no hiding place in Glasgow schools nowadays. The council has been busily surveying its secondary estate pending the arrival of the construction gangs who are going to give them all a multimillion pound facelift.

All the properties were found to be sound, staff will be glad to learn. But an unexpected discovery was unearthed - evidence of tunnelling in the grounds of Smithycroft Secondary, chiefly famous for being next door to Barlinnie prison.

The tunnel dimensions were on the small side so the evidence could suggest the presence of some midget miners from the last century or a failed attempt to break out of the prison. The tunnel is certainly unlikely to indicate an attempt to break into Smithycroft.

The school is also famous for having on its staff Ian McCalman, the Educational Institute of Scotland's negotiator with the Government on Higher Still until an ungrateful executive council left him stranded before coming to its senses.

Perhaps the small Smithycroft tunnel is evidence of someone who found themselves in a hole and stopped digging.

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