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Unfair to supply staff agencies;Letter

I WOULD like to take issue with the misleading remarks made by Barbara Charles of Educational Support Services in your report headed "Supply staff set to lose pound;20 a day" (TES, March 19).

Ms Charles' comments alluding to her company "losing business to competitors who have no agreement with the unions and take no principled stance on the issue of pay" paint a grossly inaccurate picture of the situation. Unlike ESS, most supply teacher providers have long accepted that it is not financially viable to pay teachers to scale according to the common pay spine, particularly at the very top end in terms of experience.

The open and honest policy, as operated by Select Education, has been to offer a standard daily rate to all teachers and schools. This rate is made clear at the outset of the relationship, and in all legal and contractual agreements. It has proved to be the most acceptable solution to schools, as it is affordable.

Bob Wicks Managing director Select Education Grosvenor Road, St Albans, Herts

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