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Your job and career questions answered

I started as an NQT in September. I have found it difficult to settle in to the area as it is away from my parents and friends. I am considering moving back to where I used to live. After a year, how would it look to the school if I moved so soon after completing my induction? Would there be an adverse reaction? I ask this as I will have to apply for jobs and require time for interviews.

There is an open market for teachers and anyone is free to test their worth at any time by applying for another post. The worst the school can say is that you have only been with them for a year. How easy would it be to find a job where you want to move back to? If it was a lack of jobs that meant you moved to your present post, consider how the school would feel if you said you were looking and then didn't find a post. If might affect the timetable they were prepared to give you next year if they thought you would not be staying on. If your relations with you head of department are good, talk it through with them or with your mentor. It might be this is a case of mid-year blues and you need to focus on building roots in your new community.

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