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Unjustifiable to gag culture review

For many years the Saltire Society has campaigned for a greater Scottish content in literature, history, languages and geography in the school curriculum. We were convinced that concentration on the English equivalent of these things is destructive of self-confidence and of an understanding of our own society.

For this reason, we co-operated enthusiastically in the consultations of the Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum which led to the report about Scottish culture in the schools.

These consultations were very thorough. They took more than two years of hard work and about Pounds 50,000 of public funds. The resulting report is an intelligent, sensible and moderate statement which reflected a wide consensus of informed opinion.

We were therefore astonished to hear of the arbitrary suspension of the report. This is entirely unjustifiable and contrary to all that we have been told about open and accountable government. The SCCC is funded by, and responsible to, the Scottish Office. We therefore call on the Secretary of State to ensure the publication of this important document without further delay.

Paul H Scott President, Saltire Society Fountain Close, High Street Edinburgh

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