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Unwanted casualisation

It was with some surprise that I read last week's front page article on Glasgow's plan to tackle teacher shortages, and found the claim that the teacher unions had agreed to the creation of "variable hours contracts".

As a member of the teachers' side of the local negotiating committee, I can assure you that, of all Glasgow's proposals, that is the one about which there is no agreement.

We have consistently opposed the introduction of such contracts as we believe that they are open to abuse, that they potentially represent the "casualisation" of an element of teacher staffing and, above all, that they are an inadequate response to the need to attract teachers to Glasgow. In a sellers' market, permanent full-time contracts and career progres-sion are what need to be offered.

We cannot actually stop Glasgow from peddling these contracts, but we most certainly do not agree with them.

Larry Flanagan Glasgow Local Association Educational Institute of Scotland

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