Unwelcome comments

I write to seek your assistance to correct an error of fact which appeared in an article on a new campaign for further education entitled "The People's Charter" in FE Focus (TESS, November 26) The article notes: "The campaigners say that union leaders have been singled out and sacked or disciplined at 10 colleges - Jewel and Esk Valley, Borders, Aberdeen . . ."

The reference to Aberdeen College is incorrect. No union leader at the college has been "singled out and sacked or disciplined" at the college since its foundation in 1991.

While I do appreciate that The TES Scotland may only be reporting what the individuals concerned are alleged to have said, it is, in doing so, repeating and publicising an inaccuracy which has implications for the reputation of the college.

I would be grateful if you would remedy the inaccuracy by publishing the true facts giving them equal prominence. We would have confirmed the inaccuracy prior to publication but were not approached by The TES Scotland.

Rae Angus

Principal and chief executive

Aberdeen College

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