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Unwise words

On the subject of the torture of the English language, a contributor to the TES website's online staffroom forum recalls his new head's first speech to staff: "It took 45 minutes and a PowerPoint presentation. She said she was 'excited' andor 'passionate' at least six times. Seeing as the general theme seemed to be about 'staying on top' we were beginning to wonder if she'd got us mixed up with the sex education class. However, there was such a liberal sprinkling of visions, forward thinking, unknown futures, and 21st Centuries, that we wondered if she'd taken up science fiction as a hobby. To top it all, she spent 10 minutes telling 'my personal story', accompanied by a screen shot of her at age 10 holding a picture of JFK. During these historical events, she was lining up her dolls and teddies to teach them, and retrieving educational forms from the school bins to bring home to make it all more real. There was deathly silence among the 85 staff and a small polite clap by the senior staff at the end." Oh, dear.

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