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Useful contacts

* National Council for Educational Technology (NCET), Milburn Hill Road, Science Park, Coventry CV4 7JJ. Tel: 0203 416994. World Wide Web * Scottish Council for Educational Technology,74 Victoria Crescent Road, Glasgow G12 9JN. Tel: 0141 337 5000. Web sitehttp:

* National Association of Advisers for Computers in Education (NAACE), Box 5101, Warley B69 4PB. Tel: 0121 544 2001 e-mail: * National Association for Co-ordinators and Teachers of IT (ACITT), Brondale Cottage, 5 Spring Gardens, Narberth, Dyfed SA67 7BN. Web site * British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), 20 Beaufort Court, Admirals Way, London E14 9XL. Tel: 0171 537 4997 * Xemplar Education, The Quorum, Barnwell Road, Cambridge CB5 8RE. Tel: 01223 724724. Web site * Research Machines, Hitchin Court, New Mill House, 183 Milton Park, Abingdon 0X14 4SE. Tel: 0235 826000. Web site * Parents Information Network (PIN), Red Hatch House, St John's Road, Ascot, Berks SL5 7NH. Fax: 0344 891438.

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