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Useful sources;Cover story;Dyslexia Awareness Week

* British Dyslexia Association, 98 London Road, Reading RG1 5AU. Tel: 0118 966 2677.

Helpline: 0118 966 8271.

* The Dyslexia Institute, 133 Gresham Road, Staines TW18 2AJ. Tel: 01784 463851. Website: e-mail:

* The Hornsby International Dyslexia Centre, 261 Trinity Road, London SW18 3SN. Tel: 0181 874 1844.

Teaching resources * 'A Multi Sensory Teaching System for Reading', by Mike Johnson, Sylvia Phillips and Lindsay Peer. The Manchester Metropolitan University, Didsbury School of Education, 799 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M20 2RR . Materials for use in mainstream primary classrooms, compatible with the National Literacy Strategy aimed at pupils with specific learning difficulties including dyslexia.

* 'The Active Literacy Kit' by the Dyslexia Institute, available from LDA, Abbeygate House, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1DB. Tel: 01223 357 788. Designed for seven to nine-year-old dyslexic children.

* Teaching Today Pack: 'Dyslexia in the Primary Classroom'(video and booklet) BBC (1997). Produced in collaboration with the BDA, this is intended to help the primary school teacher identify, understand and give practical help to the dyslexic child.

* 'Touchtype, Read and Spell' computer course by Philip Alexandre, PO Box 535 Bromley, Kent BR1 2YF.

Books * 'Alpha to Omega' Hornsby B and Shear F. Heinemann Educational Books. 1993 (4th edition).

* 'Day-to-day Dyslexia in the Classroom' Pollock J and Waller E, Routledge. 1997(new edition).

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