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The Value-Added Leagues

A score of a 100 indicates a school where pupils have made average progress based on prior attainment. A score above 100 indicates schools were pupils have made more progess than pupils with similar prior attainment nationally. A score below 100 indicates where pupils made less progress.


Type, Gender, Value added

Reading School, Reading FD Boys 106.5

Wilson's School, Wallington VA Boys 105.7

Queen Mary's Grammar, Walsall VA Boys 105.4

Queen Elizabeth's, Barnet FD Boys 105.3

Woodford County High, Woodford Green CY Girls 105.1

King Edward VI Grammar,Chelmsford FD Boys 105.0

Kendrick Girls' Grammar, Reading FD Girls 105.0

King Edward VI, Stratford-upon-Avon VA Boys 105.0

Wallington County Grammar, Wallington FD Boys 104.9

Lancaster Grammar, Lancaster FD Girls 104.8

Wolverhampton High. Wolverhampton FD Girls 104.8

Stratford-upon-Avon Grammar, (Specialist Language College), Stratford-upon-Avon CY Girls 104.8


Feversham College, Bradford VA Girls 110.9

Selly Park Technology College, Birmingham CY Girls 110.5

Bordesley Green, Birmingham CY Girls 110.1

Sir John Cass Foundationand Redcoat C of E, London VA Mixed 109.8

Mulberry, London CY Girls 108.5

Small Heath, Birmingham FD Mixed 108.3

Morpeth, London CY Mixed 107.9

St Paul's Way, London CY Mixed 107.5

BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, Croydon CTC Mixed 107.5

Kings Norton Girls' and Language College, Birmingham FD Girls 107.4


Type, Admin policy, Gender, KS2-KS3 Value added measure, KS3 GCSEGNVQ value added measure

The Latymer, Enfield VA Sel Mixed 102.8 105.7

Yesodey Hatorah,Hackney IND Non sel Mixed 104.6 104.9

Hollygirt,Nottingham City IND Sel Girls 103.7 104.6

Pipers Corner, Buckinghamshire IND Sel Girls 103.3 104

Surbiton High, Kingston upon Thames IND Sel Girls 103 103.9

St Michael's Catholic Grammar, Barnet VA Sel Girls 103.2 103.6

Watford Grammar, Hertfordshire VA Comp Girls 103.4 103.5

Dixons CTC, Bradford CTC Comp Mixed 102.8 103.2

Feversham College, Bradford VA Comp Girls 102.4 110.9

Manchester Islamic High School for Girls, Manchester IND Sel Girls 102.1 109.3

CTC: City Technology College or City College for the Technology of the Arts. CY: Community School, maintained by the LEA. The LEA is the admissions authority. FD: Foundation School, maintained by the LEA. Some may have a foundation - usually religious - which appoints some, but not most, of the governing body. IND: Registered independent school. VA: Voluntary Aided School maintained by the LEA, with a foundation - usually religious - which appoints most of the governing body. The governing body is the admissions authority. Comp: Comprehensive. Takes all pupils, usually regardless of their ability, aptitude or whether they have been selected for a place at a selective school. Sel: Takes pupils depending on their ability or aptitude, otherwise known as grammar schools. Non Sel: School which usually takes pupils regardless of their ability or aptitude.

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