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Value chartered teachers

So Eddie Morrison ("Steady, Eddie", Jotter May 28)) has a problem with chartered teachers, whom he was unable to select.

Chartered teachers are not selected by headteachers. Those who embark on the programme are, inter alia, committed classroom practitioners who wish to continue to teach, are actively interested in improving their practice, are committed to a collegiate approach and are capable of articulating a critical professional stance.

I am not sure if all headteachers possess these attributes, or would welcome them in their staff. Those who do, like the disparaged "heidie woman", would certainly know which of their staff were, or hoped to be, chartered teachers: not because they "select" them, but because they appreciate their staff and enjoy their trust and confidence.

Of course, the autocratic, controlling manager, whose staff "know their place", may well be ignorant of who are the chartered teachers - not to worry, though: heshe probably does not have any, since they will have gone to work for a "heidie woman" who values them.

HM Wilson, maths teacher, Torr an Eas, Glenfinnan, Lochaber.

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