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Value of experience

As an NQT last year, I was paid on M1 (despite having past experience and a degree). It was my own fault as I didn't push for a higher place on the pay scale. Recently, I read that if you have excellent performance in your first year, you can ask to be moved up two points. Is this possible?

Technically, a school can add a discretionary point to the annual increment Rwhere a teacher's performance in the previous school year was excellent having regard to all aspects of their professional duties in particular classroom teachingS. That is what the regulations say. But, trying to convince your head that you are excellent in everything as an NQT, may be difficult. Your best opportunity would have been to have asked for more on the basis of your experience when you were appointed. Of course, the first degree isn't worth anything extra, as all teachers are expected to possess that level of qualification.

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